August-September – 8 volunteers for the Centenary

This summer we will celebrate the Courmettes Centenary. Many activities, workshops, good meals are planned for a great weekend! We are looking for an international team to help us with hospitality and logistics. Read more

Anytime – Groundskeeper assistant

You will assist our groundskeeper Romain Emery in diverse tasks in and around the buildings. This includes all handy work ranging from fixing machines and helping with building works to carrying tables or changing light bulbs. Read more

July-August – Plum management

The Domaine de Courmettes has several (wild) plum trees on the premises which produce large numbers of fruits every year. Because of this, large quantities of fruit will often waste away in the garden. Therefore we are looking for volunteers to manage the processing of the fruits and limit our waste. Read more


General volunteering

If you have some time available and would like to invest it in Les Courmettes, we most certainly have things you can do!

Management of Les Courmettes is a constant challenge and we rely on help from many people.

You can help the work of Courmettes by offering to volunteer with us – a great opportunity to be useful and to meet dedicated people.  We will suggest work in areas which match your desires and skills. A dozen volunteers already regularly join us at Les Courmettes, either for the day or for stays of 10 to 15 days several times a year.

In particular, you can help in the following areas:

  • Building maintenance and renovation
  • Environmental conservation
  • Gardening
  • Footpath maintenance and way marking
  • Development of educational materials
  • Visitor area
  • Communications
  • And anywhere else where your skills can serve the life of Courmettes!

Depending on the situation, we may be able to offer you board and lodging at very reasonable rates.

We welcome enquiries not only from individuals but also from groups (e.g. churches) who wish to come for ‘work camps’.

If you would like to know more and explore the possibility of spending time at Les Courmettes and if you would like to apply to stay with us, please send a CV and accompanying letter so that we can know more about you and look at the match between your skills, expectations and motivation and our needs and capacity to accommodate you. Please do get in touch!