Our team

Alain Bertron – Building manager

Alain was a secondary school engineering teacher for thirty years, before recently joining the Courmettes team and taking charge of the maintenance of the buildings, vehicles and technical installations. A ROCHA has given him the opportunity to make a professional commitment to a collective work dedicated to preserving the environment and biodiversity. He is the father of two grown-up children.

Monica Duran – Multi-skilled employee and volunteer manager

Monica Duran has just joined the team for the summer season, lending a hand where needed. She is English but has lived in France for a long time. She has a varied and versatile background. Passionate about nature, gardening and welcoming the public, she puts her dedication at the service of A ROCHA. She is the mother of 3 children.

Julie Faverjon – Kitchen supervisor

Julie discovered A Rocha during a visit to the Courmettes estate and fell in love immediately. She wanted to put her experience as a company manager and chef to good use for the association by passing on her knowledge. Having just arrived from Switzerland, she hopes that God will allow her to speak out and get involved in the protection of the environment and respect for biodiversity.

Charlotte Léon – Nature department manager

After completing a Master’s degree in zoology in England, Charlotte joined the scientific team at Mas Mireille in September 2022 for 8 months of civic service. Keen to make a commitment to preserving nature and raising public awareness of current environmental issues, her work with A Rocha has enabled her to combine passion with conviction. Firstly, by working to protect various species in the Vallée des Baux during her voluntary service, and then by joining the Courmettes team to run the Nature centre.

Claire Mouhot – Hospitality, weddings and garden

After a decade in teaching, Claire joined the Courmettes team in September 2019. She is married to Jean-François and they have three children. Grateful for the beauty of Creation, she enjoys sharing it with our visitors, making sure they feel welcome on site, but also through the educational garden project she is developing at Les Courmettes.

Jean-François Mouhot – Director 

After more than ten years living abroad, and as many working in university research in environmental history, Jean-François settled with his family in Les Courmettes in 2014, which he ran until 2020. He now works on the association’s national development and is interim director of Les Courmettes until september 2024 when a new director will take over.

Nathalie Semprez – Housekeeping & Facilities Management

Nathalie worked for a long time in the maintenance and sanitary control sector in various communities, while also finding time to get involved in charitable projects. At Les Courmettes since the end of 2018, whether coordinating housework, decorating rooms or housekeeping, she takes pleasure in making the house welcoming for our visitors in an environmentally friendly way..

Sarah Walker – Project coordinator for A Rocha International

A Canadian by nationality, Sarah has travelled extensively since her involvement with A Rocha. Arriving at Les Courmettes with her husband Chris in October 2019, she divides her time here between A Rocha’s international team (ARI), for whom she coordinates various international projects, and A Rocha France. Sarah also enjoys helping to organise community life here and welcoming volunteers.