Our team

The Courmettes team is passionate about nature and the environment. The work at Courmettes is very varied, and everyone does a bit of everything, but the main responsibilities are outlined below:

Valéry Claudepierre


After more than twenty years as a computer technician, Valéry wanted a change of life, more oriented towards ecology and in accordance with his faith. Coming to Les Courmettes in 2019 as a volunteer, he took over the position of accountant in April 2020. But he also likes, when the numbers give him time, to take a walk around the garden!

Dominique Gautier


Cook and charcutier by training, Dominique has more than 40 years of experience in a variety of cuisines across France and beyond. He joined the team in September 2015 and delights the team and visitors with his culinary creations.

Claire Mouhot

Welcome and communication

After ten years in teaching, Claire joined the Courmettes team in September 2019. She is the wife of Jean-François and they have three children. Grateful for the beauty of creation, she enjoys sharing it with our visitors, both by welcoming them on site and sharing with them through A Rocha France’s publicity mailings.

Jean-François Mouhot

National Director

After more than ten years of research in different countries, during which he wrote multiple books and articles on the history of protecting the environment and climate change, Jean-François joined the A Rocha team in June 2014. He managed the centre at Courmettes for six years and now works towards developing the association nationally.

David Nussbaumer

Director, Courmettes

After working for three years (2015-2018) at Courmettes and spending a year and a half at Regent College in Canada, David and his wife Aline, with their two children, returned to Courmettes in the summer of 2020. They are enthused by the magnificence of creation and by a welcoming communal life. David has taken over the direction of Courmettes for at least a year.

Andrew O’Neill

Building maintenance

With experience in many areas of the building industry, Andrew joined the Courmettes team in July 2019. He works on the day-to-day maintenance of the buildings and their surroundings, and is motivated to make this beautiful place even more beautiful.

Chris Parkman

Welcome and community life

Chris was a civil engineer working in different countries before undergoing theological training. He is now an ordained minister in the Anglican Church. Arriving at Courmettes with his wife Sarah in October 2019, he fulfils a pastoral role for the team, and facilitates community life, as well as helping to welcome the numerous visitors to Courmettes.

Coline Raillon

Conservation & education

After scientific training and experience in project management and animation, as well as a stint at A Rocha’s Tourades centre (Vallée des Baux), Coline joined the Courmettes team to run the ‘nature’ side of the centre. She is keen, through conservation activities and nature outings, to enable everyone passing through the estate to recreate the essential link with nature.

Alicia Roehrig


Passionate about events but also about the great outdoors (scouting is second nature to her!), Alicia arrived at Courmettes in July 2020. She now lives there with her husband Timothée, and is working hard to develop an events portfolio in line with A Rocha’s vision.

Nathalie Semprez


Nathalie worked for a long time in the maintenance and hygene control sector in different communities, while finding time also for charitable projects. At Les Courmettes, whether by coordinating the cleaning work, decorating the rooms or taking care of the housekeeping, she takes pleasure in making the house welcoming for our visitors in an environmentally friendly way.

Sarah Walker

Project Coordinator, A Rocha International

A Canadian national, Sarah has travelled extensively since beginning her involvement with A Rocha. Arriving in Les Courmettes with her husband Chris in October 2019, she now divides her time here between A Rocha’s international team (ARI), for whom she coordinates various international projects, and A Rocha France. Sarah also enjoys helping to organise community life and welcoming volunteers.

Elena Gallego

European volunteer – Conservation & education

I’m Elena, I come from Spain and I’m a biologist. My tasks in Courmettes involve monitoring fauna, applying protocols to study the ecosystems and sensitize general population about the importance of biodiversity and its conservation, besides other activities that may require my aid during my stay.  I find birds and marine biology particularly interesting. I try to share this passion with other people through my biology blog, in hopes of infuse my love for nature and share our knowledge. I believe education is key to accomplish a society that respects the environment.