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Management of the Courmettes estate is a constant challenge, and especially a financial challenge: the public has free access and most of the activities are free of charge. While some of our expenditure is covered by income (from weddings, events, family celebrations, seminars) it falls short of what is needed.

The buildings also require significant renovation work and this cannot be financed by the current level of activities on site. We have some urgent works planned which are essential for the smooth running of our mission (restoration and insulation of the roof, installation of a wood-fuelled boiler, etc.) We are currently organising a large fundraising (the details can be found in our brochure “Eco-Project: Les Courmettes, 1918-2018 : what next ?”). We have already been promised €215,000 in donations, out of a total target of €300,00 (December 2017).

You can support our mission by aiding us financially. Giving is a source of joy (‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’ Acts 20:35) but it is also a way of reducing your taxes considerably (income or ISF tax).

Bank transfer

You can arrange a one-off or monthly bank transfer by downloading our IBAN. Please send us the following form, filled in, so that we can issue a receipt. (Please note the form is in French. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.)

If you wish to donate or transfer money by bank transfer in a currency other than Euros, please consult us or give priority to another means of payment.


Download the printable form (in French), fill it in and send it by post with the cheque payable to A Rocha France.

Online donation

You can donate via credit card using the form below (in French).

Corporate sponsorship

You can also donate as part of a corporate sponsorship. In that case we can propose a sponsorship agreement (contact David by email:

Thank you for your generous and faithful support!!!