Training centre project

An international training centre

A Rocha is working to create an international centre for environmental awareness, education and training at Les Courmettes.

The aim is to welcome students and environmental professionals to consider questions relating to biodiversity, climate change and environmental responsibility. A Rocha and Amiral de Coligny’s Christian identity is a base from which to tackle the ethical issues which face believers and non-believers alike and to consider the tools for moving society forward. There are also plans for specific courses for church leaders or Christians who wish to look more deeply into creation care and conservation questions.

2012-05-07 Etude de terrain 2 (JJ)Training programmes will include theoretical and practical courses covering science (ornithology, botany, ecology, climate, etc) human sciences, ethics and theology.

The first international summer school will be held from 5 – 18 June 2016 in partnership with Regent College, Vancouver ( Teaching (in English) will mainly be given by Rikk Watts, Professor of New Testament. Additional information (cost, content) will be available in December 2015.

As well as these university-level programmes and summer schools we also regularly offer nature activities, lectures, holidays or retreats, camps (scouts, children, etc) and short training courses(for environment or development professionals).

At the same time we still have room for you to holiday at Les Courmettes, as an individual, a couple or as a family. We also welcome groups running their own programmes (we can take up to 50 in bedrooms, 40 in dormitories and camping is possible).

You can help us!

We are seeking support to enable us to set up this project more quickly and to ensure its long-term future. We also still need significant help to make the buildings more environmentally friendly. For example, our current central heating boiler (dating from the 1990s) runs on oil, which is an aberration somewhere like Courmettes where we have renewable solar energy available in the form of sustainable forests (covered by a forest management plan). An investment of 65 000€ would enable us to install a wood-burning boiler which could pay for itself in 6 or 7 years through savings on oil, and allow us to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint.

We have a more detailed brochure (available in French, English and German) which can be obtained by contacting Jean-François Mouhot, Director of Les Courmettes: