International Volunteer Week (in French and English) – 19/25th April

Come and dig in with A Rocha France at Les Courmettes!

Join the Courmettes team for an international volunteer week, an opportunity to (re) discover the Domaine des Courmettes and be part of making it even more welcoming for our numerous visitors.

Wanted !! Volunteer at Les Courmettes

We are looking for volunteers to help us in our missions of welcoming, raising awareness and nature conservation. You are available from few weeks to several months, we will be happy to have you in our team !

Here the opportunities we are offering :

  • reception and welcoming of visitors / hikers : click here
  • group reception and welcome : click here
  • conservation work / monitoring survey : click here

If you are interested, please contact :

Coline Raillon, Project Manager, A Rocha France

Please indicate the mission of your interest in the subject line, and let us know in your email a little bit about yourself and why you would like to join the team.

Events 2020

7 March – Afternoon “green weddings” (only on invitation)

12 – 15 March – IFES International retreat (only on invitation)

20-21 March – General Assembly of A Rocha France

28 March – Day “Se bouger pour la planète”

17 – 19 April – Pilote “A Rocha France Ambassaders training ” (only on invitation)

19 – 25 April – International volunteers week

26 April – 2 May – A Rocha Netherland volunteer week (open to all)

5 – 11 July – Summer camp “éco-aventure” with Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible

19 – 25 July – Training seminar “A Rocha France Ambassaders”

2 – 8 August – Seminar ” Spiritual direction “ with Francis Mouhot

International volunteer week – 7 to 13/04/19

If you have a serving heart, an interest in creation care and like to work in and international setting, this week might be something for you. 

Seminar on creation care – 1 to 7/09/2019

‘Your Kingdom Come’: Living with hope in a wounded world : join us for a study week and explore how creation care relates to the Bible.

Events 2019

31 March-3 April – Fast and prayer retreat (in French)

7-13 April – International volunteer week (in French and English)

26 May – 1st June – “Nature and discovery” week with A Rocha Switzerland (in French)

7-13 July – “Eco-adventure” camp for the 7-12 years old with Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible (in French)

14-24 July – Teenagers Camp (15-18 years old) with Joie & Vie (in French)

14-20 & 21-27 July – Family stay, “On holidays at the Courmettes”

28 July – 3 August – Seminar “Gospel and Psychology” with Francis Mouhot (in French)

11-17 August – Adults camp “God, the planet and me !” with Joie & Vie (in French)

25-31 August – Training seminar “Eco-church” (in French)

1-7 September – Seminar on creation care with Dave Bookless (in English and in French)

Events 2018

22-28 April – Volunteer week (in French)

29 April-5 May – Natuurwerkweek (in Dutch)

25 May – 7pm – Fête des Voisins: Neighbour party!

10-16 June – A Rocha UK Discovery Week

8-14 July – “Eco-Adventure” camp for 7-12 year olds with the Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible (in French)

29 July-4 August – “Spiritual accompaniment – Initiation and advancement” with Francis Mouhot (in French)

12-18 August – Camp for adults: “God, the planet and me” with Joie & Vie (in French)

31 August-2 September – Courmettes centenary

28 October-2 November – Seminar: “know-pray-act for Creation” (in French)

Courmettes centenary

Les Courmettes is celebrating its centenary in 2018. The estate has a long history prior to 1918, but the purchase of Courmettes by Pastor Stuart-Léo Roussel on 31 August 1918 marks the beginning of the modern era at Courmettes. Pastor Roussel’s vision was to open a “sanatorium that would be open to everyone, without denominational distinction, but with evangelical leadership and with the Bible and the person of Christ as the foundation for everything that takes place there” (writing in L’Aube, Revue d’Action du Réveil, 1918).

We are planning various activities for 2018:

1) We are organising a festival and celebration on Friday 31 August and Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September (put the date in your diary – more information to follow)

2) We are preparing a book on the history of Courmettes which will be published before 31 August 2018 and which will update and expand on the book by Nicole Bertholet on the French Girl Guides’ years at Courmettes (L’Aventure des Courmettes et la Fédération Française des Éclaireuses). We are doing research in archives and interviewing people to discover additional information which we can use in the book. Do contact us if you have anecdotes or memories of Courmettes that you could share with us.

We are also looking for volunteers who could help with the historical research. For example we are looking for people who can spend time searching through the regional newspapers (predecessors of Nice-Matin) to find articles about Les Courmettes. These newspapers can be consulted on line using your own computer or can be consulted at the Alpes-Maritimes departmental archives in Nice (for further information contact Jean-François Mouhot)

3) We are preparing an exhibition of photographs and historic videos on Les Courmettes. We are interested in any documentation (photos, films, etc) on Courmettes. In particular we are looking for photos of the estate prior to 1918 and for the period from 1920-1930. This exhibition will be complemented by an exhibition of photos ‘Courmettes in 2018’ created by the photographer Ellen  Teurlings – Pixel.len photographie.

4) We are seeking to restore and renovate the historic buildings of Courmettes with a major fundraising campaign, through which we have already been able to raise almost € 210 000 in six months (our target is € 300 000). You can support our  “Eco-Project: Les Courmettes, 1918-2018 : what next ?”  by making a tax-deductible donation to our association :

Resources on the history of Les Courmettes:

a) Films made in the 1950s at Courmettes, shared and posted with the permission of Denise Zwilling, President of the Association of former members of the French Girl Guide Federation –

b) We organised a “Courmettes History Day” in November 2017; some twenty people met to exchange memories of and documents on Les Courmettes. Nice-Matin published an article about this event. See:

c) Internet sites on the history of Courmettes: and

Fête des Courmettes 2017

Come and join us and explore the Domaine des Courmettes, an environmental education centre in an outstanding natural setting. There will be activities for all ages!

Events 2017

In 2017 we are again organising a series of events at Courmettes. This page will be updated with links towards more information as it becomes available.

4th-5th March – A Rocha Environmental Education Conference (by invitation only)

16th-21st April – Volunteer week, music and NVC… with David Berkoun and Frédéric Baumann Fully booked!

This week will be an opportunity to tend to the beautiful spaces at Courmettes to make them even more enjoyable! Projects will be under the guidance of professionals and people passionate about nature, and include restoring a pond with spaces to relax and the preparation of ground for a permaculture project.

21st April – Conference on “The big reorientation: Jesus the path amongst paths?” with Gilles Boucomont (in French)

We live in a time where offers of spirituality and personal growth are abundant and accessible to all people via internet or on the “spirituality” shelves of book shops. Motivated by curiosity to discover the world, to better understand what others experience, we can throw ourselves into practices which we do not fully understand the impact of on our innermost being. In what way is the Christian proposition truly original in this concert of spiritual traditions, and in which way is it truly liberating?

22nd-23rd April – Seminar “Occulte ou au culte, il faut choisir” or “choosing between the occult and the church” with Gilles Boucomont (in French)

Occultism wreaks havoc in all of life’s circles, including amongst Christians. However, Biblical Scriptures clearly outline that which can or cannot come under a spirituality lived in God’s gaze. The coming of Jesus is a revelation and an unveiling which brings to light all that is hidden. So why turn back to the darkness? This is a biblical, theological and practical training course which includes prayer against unjust spiritual chains.

21st-27th May – Seminar “Discovery and Nature” with A Rocha Switzerland (in French)

This is a week organised with Jean-Daniel Andrè (A Rocha Switzerland). On the program are walks lasting 3-4 hours in the spaces of this region rich in geology, ornithology, botany and culture etc. In the mornings there will be times of meditation where each person is free to participate. In the evenings we will unpack different subjects linked to nature.

3rd-5thJune – Fête des Courmettes 2017

Come and join us and explore the Domaine des Courmettes, an environmental education centre in an outstanding natural setting. There will be activities for all ages. Enjoy discovering the flora and fauna of the Domaine, its history and what is happening here today. Find out about the association managing the site and its partners.

25thJune-1stJuly – “Creation, Christian Faith and a Precious World” Course with The Faraday Institute

How did the universe come into existence? What can the natural world tell us about God? Why is our world habitable? How do natural processes such as earthquakes or predation fit with the goodness of God? What does the Bible say about the relationship between human beings and the rest of creation? Come and explore these and other scientific and theological questions about creation.

9th– 15th July- “Eco-Adventure” camp for 7-12 year olds with the Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible (in French)

Eco-Adventure is an exciting week in contact with nature: observing wild animals, discovering strange plants, capturing and identifying insects, solar cooking, adventuring into the mountains, and plenty more activities… There will even be a beach trip. Are you ready for an unforgettable week?

16th-29th July – “Impact Nature” camp for 13-17 years old with Joie & Vie (in French)

Imagine a large domain in the mountains above the Cote d’Azur. Imagine jumping and climbing through wild canyons- amazing! Imagine hiking to the edge of the sea. Imagine days playing sports, wide games, and times of… nothing- for you to chill and hang out. Imagine that sometimes you are asked your opinion on the program. Imagine activities to discover the world that God has created and times to discuss what the Bible says about it. It’s gonna be gooooood…

30th July- 5th August – Seminar on “Psychotherapy and spiritual accompaniment” with Francis Mouhot (in French)

Healing: a door or a journey? What is more resistant: some of our reasoning or our impulses? Does psychotherapy consist of reinforcing the ego or the spirit? These are some of the questions which Francis Mouhot, a Doctor of psychology, will unpack during this week. Teaching will take place in the mornings, with a number of outings offered in the afternoons.

6th-19th August – “LightClubberZ” camp for 13-17 years old with Joie & Vie (in French)

What is better for an artist than to be in proximity with nature? Up high, with a beautiful view over the sea, the Courmettes domain will be our place of inspiration for these two weeks. Together, we will put together a show with your variety of gifts and talents. Danse, music, song, theatre, livepainting… there’s room for all!

20th – 26th August – Seminar on “Man the centre and ruler of the world?” with Roger-Michel Bory (in French)

The earth is undergoing an unprecedented ecological crisis and human activity is responsible for much of it. From a Christian point of view, it is beneficial to thoroughly analyse the reasons which have led our societies to accelerate the crisis, and to return to biblical sources to find a just place for man in a creation loved by God but abused by humans. Such a spiritual journey can help us to overcome the suffering caused by the feeling of being both victim of and responsible for such a situation, and to work towards a just world, in the hope of Christ who dies and was raised to life.

10th-14th September – “Creation Care & the Gospel” Conference

Do you live in Europe? Want to learn about creation care as a gospel issue? Get together to address challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss and food security? Build a creation care movement in your country? Join us at this European conference on Creation Care and the Gospel.

18th-22th September – A Rocha International Team meeting (by invitation only)

26th-30th September – ASK Conference (by invitation only)