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June 2017

A Rocha & The Faraday Institute course

25 June - 1 July

How did the universe come into existence? What can the natural world tell us about God? Why is our world habitable? How do natural processes such as earthquakes or predation fit with the goodness of God? What does the Bible say about the relationship between human beings and the rest of creation? Come and explore these and other scientific and theological questions about creation.

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July 2017

“Eco-Adventure” camp for 7-12 year olds (in French)

9 July - 15 July

Eco-Adventure is an exciting week in contact with nature: observing wild animals, discovering strange plants, capturing and identifying insects, solar cooking, adventuring into the mountains, and plenty more activities… There will even be a beach trip. Are you ready for an unforgettable week?

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“Impact Nature” camp for 13-17 years old (in French)

16 July - 29 July

Imagine a large domain in the mountains above the Cote d'Azur. Imagine jumping and climbing through wild canyons- amazing! Imagine hiking to the edge of the sea. Imagine days playing sports, wide games, and times of... nothing- for you to chill and hang out. Imagine that sometimes you are asked your opinion on the program. Imagine activities to discover the world that God has created and times to discuss what the BIble says about it. It's gonna be gooooood...

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Seminar on “Psychotherapy and spiritual accompaniment” (in French)

30 July - 5 August

Healing: a door or a journey? What is more resistant: some of our reasoning or our impulses? Does psychotherapy consist of reinforcing the ego or the spirit? These are some of the questions which Francis Mouhot, a Doctor of psychology, will unpack during this week. Teaching will take place in the mornings, with a number of outings offered in the afternoons.

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August 2017

“LightClubberZ” camp for 13-17 years old (in French)

6 August - 19 August

What is better for an artist than to be in proximity with nature? Up high, with a beautiful view over the sea, the Courmettes domain will be our place of inspiration for these two weeks. Together, we will put together a show with your variety of gifts and talents. Danse, music, song, theatre, livepainting... there's room for all!

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Seminar on “Man the centre and ruler of the world?” (in French)

20 August - 26 August

The earth is undergoing an unprecedented ecological crisis and human activity is responsible for much of it. From a Christian point of view, it is beneficial to thoroughly analyse the reasons which have led our societies to accelerate the crisis, and to return to biblical sources to find a just place for man in a creation loved by God but abused by humans. Such a spiritual journey can help us to overcome the suffering caused by the feeling of being both victim of and responsible for such a situation, and to work towards a just world, in the hope of Christ who dies and was raised to life.

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September 2017

“Creation care and the Gospel” Conference

10 September - 14 September

Do you live in Europe? Want to learn about creation care as a gospel issue? Get together to address challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss and food security? Build a creation care movement in your country? Join us at this European conference on Creation Care and the Gospel.

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